Practicing English Online
Conversation with Native Speaker

    Required Testing Date and Time

    Then, Let’s YOU CAN SPEAK for helping you.

    You can speak English
    as native speaker by practicing in 30 minutes.
    You can study online
    without losing time to study at school.
    You can speak and think
    in English instantly with no more to use theory.

    Why you need to study with

    The term that the student has the chance to study with the teacher One-On-One can increase the effectiveness in studying English until achieving with the goal more quickly.

    Therefore, the student will receive the good chance to ask questions in which way of wondering
    as the full way.

    Because our goal is to make the dream of people come true by speaking English naturally without memorizing anymore. Then, everyone will have the opportunity to practice the speaking skill with the native speaker ,especially to acknowledge and absorb with the native speaker’s accent. With this case, when we speak and listen much often we will be familiar with using English ,and it would bring into using as the public speaking increasingly.

    According to the different level and basic, our center, YOU CAN SPEAK has designed the lessons and the learning plans for every learner in different ways. However, it is based on the objectives of the learners with realizing on the basic of each person. Thus, everyone will be tested whether to be passed the exam in terms of adjusting the lessons for suiting with the weakness of each one.

    Absorbing for the native speaker’s accent every day can make your speaking to be more fluently , and the more you practice your speaking often , the more you gain more confidence for speaking bravely.

    Our teacher team is 100% Native Speaker.

    Registering Online English
    is very easy.

    Make schedule for
    the testing time of speaking level.

    Test with teacher
    through Program Skype.

    Our teacher will
    send your testing
    result to you.

    Enjoy learning after choosing the package and the learning plan.

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