Do you want to try out?
This plan is suited with
someone who isn’t sure to
be fond of English.
Moreover, you want to try out.

The price is 3,600 baht
for 8 times per month.

Do you want to
study English for
testing yourself?
This plan is suited with
someone who is interested
in studying. However, you
aren’t sure for your speaking
to be good or not, especially
for studying with the
native speaker teacher who
can’t speak Thai language.

The price is 15,480 baht
for 36 times per three months.

This plan is suited
for someone who is serious
or has the good attention to
study English ,except for being
afraid to get bored for studying
in a long time. Then, you can
study for this plan.

This price is 29,520 baht
for 72 times per six months.

Are you serious to
study English?.
In this case, you may hope
for the good result.Thus,
this plan is suited for the
serious person with gaining
for good determination and
good attention.

This price is 57,600 baht
for 144 times per 12 months.

***The price can be adjusted with the study numbers according to budgets